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Weave is a decentralised finance toolkit designed to remove the barriers to entry for new users, whilst delivering powerful tools and unparalleled earning opportunities to experienced users.

By aggregating all of DeFi into a single, easy-to-use interface, users can now take their first steps into DeFi with just a few clicks, with zero experience necessary.

From wallet creation and onramp integration to strategy building and copy farming, even complete crypto newbies can access DeFi within minutes, all in one place.

For experienced users, our powerful DeFi toolkit enables them to create investment strategies that are 100% customizable. Automate yield collection and swaps, auto-compound, and even bridge between chains all within a single strategy.

For those with a following, monetize your knowledge by sharing your strategies and earning passive rewards from anyone who copies you. The more copiers you can bring to your strategy, the more you earn!

And soon, Weave will include real-world assets, meaning balanced investment portfolios can be built and shared that include not just crypto assets, but stocks, commodities and much more.

Key features

  • DeFi aggregator platform allows users to create yield farming strategies that include LPs, staking, swaps, bridging, and lending/borrowing all in one place

  • Easily participate in DeFi with wallet creation, onramp and copy farming available

  • Compound yield to increase APY by up to 30%

  • High gas efficiency (66.66% typical saving) means you could save hundreds of $dollars in gas fees.

  • Automation - Farm, swap, and enhance yield on autopilot saving a huge amount of time

  • Earn passive income by sharing strategies and building followers

  • Sell fractional NFTs for huge revenue multipliers

  • Earn $WEAVE token rewards with engage-to-earn.

  • Bootstrap Liquidity - Ideal for protocols to boost token liquidity and demand

  • Real-world assets available soon

  • Multiple EVM chains and wallets supported

  • Potential for SaaS solution to allow protocols to white label our strategy builder on their own dApps



WeaveHUB is our main dApp, where users can build strategies, manage yield, copy farm and more.

As an aggregator for DeFi protocols, we aim to integrate the very best protocols to allow users to automate even highly complex yield farming strategies. With bridging, multiple chains and DEXs, and even lending/borrowing integrated into one toolkit, the possibilities are endless!

Some of our integrated partners include Biconomy (bridge), Polygon, BNB chain, Pancakeswap, Sushiswap, Uniswap, Native, and Metamask, with many more integrations coming soon.

With a heavy focus on WeaveHUB being a 1-stop shop for DeFi, even users with zero crypto experience can set up a wallet and buy their first crypto on our dApp.

This allows us to onboard millions of users regardless of their experience level.

We also aim to extend our dApp beyond DeFi with the integration of real-world assets such as stocks, bonds, and commodities. The tokenisation of real-world assets is making all this possible, and offers some very exciting opportunities for creating an entire investment portfolio using our drag-and-drop strategy builder.

Within WeaveHUB we offer services to 2 clearly defined audiences. We refer to these groups as PRO and PASSIVE users.

Weave Pro

As the name suggests, Weave Pro is for experienced users. Here you can build strategies simply by dragging and dropping the tokens or staking pools you want to use.

Share your strategies to earn from your expertise. Grow a following with Weave and keep them up to date with your own private members area.

Benefits for Pro users include;

  • Easily create your own automated farming strategies

  • Alternatively, create HODL portfolios of tokens you’re bullish on.

  • Powerful, easy-to-use UI for building different strategies and portfolios

  • Set your own fees for others to see and copy your strategies

  • Earn additional revenue through our 2-tier referral program

  • Communicate with your audience in your own private members' chat

  • No coding experience is necessary

  • Fully customizable auto-compounding features - boost APY and save time!

  • Build cross-chain strategies

  • Community engagement & support

  • Risk management tools and features

Weave Passive

Deploy a complex farming strategy in 3 clicks!

For less experienced users we have user-friendly social trading available. Users can easily copy Pro users that they follow or that have similar risk appetite to themselves. Funds are never pooled, even if you copy another user, meaning users always maintain 100% control over their funds.

Passive users can stop following a Pro at any time and always have instant access to their funds.

Key features include:

  • Set up a wallet and buy crypto in a few clicks

  • Get exposure to crypto in minutes even if you’re a complete beginner

  • Stay up to date with what your copied Pro is doing and ask them questions in the private subscriber's chat

  • Follow your favourite influencer or search hundreds of other strategies

  • Copy successful investors whilst keeping 100% control over your funds

  • Auto-compounding (set and forget!)

  • Community support

  • Education for those wanting to go from absolute beginner to Pro!

Our ambitious vision for Weave expands far beyond our dApp though…


Because deployed strategies will involve a lot of swaps, we have integrated our own DEX to ensure optimum efficiency. Eventually, this will be available as a standalone application, but in the meantime, it will be powering all the swaps for WeaveHUB.

Weave Tailored Solutions

Our powerful strategy builder can also be integrated directly into other protocols, and Weave Tailored Solutions provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to thousands of other protocols.

This gives other DeFi protocols and their users the ability to benefit from our farming automation and compounding tools right from their own dapp, delivering a great deal of benefits to these protocols including increased customer loyalty, higher TVL, higher APRs, more use cases for their native token, and more revenue.

$WEAVE Token

Our native token is the $WEAVE token and central to everything we do. This utility token has extensive use cases throughout the entire ecosystem as well as being used to reward participation in the ecosystem.

It also allows us to reward valuable participation, giving everyone a chance to succeed and grow whilst helping us achieve network effect at the same time.

Our “Engage-To-Earn” program means that anyone can easily earn $WEAVE token rewards by performing simple actions that help us grow our ecosystem.

The total supply of tokens is: 1,000,000,000 $WEAVE.


Token Allocation

Token Percentage

% at TGE

Token Vesting

Community Supply

Liquidity & Staking Rewards




Linear vesting over 10 years

Engage 2 Earn




Vesting over 10 years

Public Sale




Daily release over 6 months

V1 token migration




Daily release over 6 months






Private sale




1 Month cliff, daily release over 12 months





6 month cliff, then 18 month release





3 Month cliff, monthly release over 12 months (per advisor)





24 month linear release

Token Use Cases

There are many ways to earn and spend $WEAVE within the ecosystem. The token has strong utility and is designed to be constantly in motion. However, hodling and staking is also possible and carry healthy rewards for users.

The tokenomics for the $WEAVE token have been designed to achieve 3 things:

- Offer reliable rewards for committed community members who help us achieve network effect. - Deliver powerful use cases that make it necessary for users to buy and spend the token as they use the dApp.

- Limit circulating supply by i) having a fixed total supply, ii) releasing coins gradually over many years and iii) having a constant flow of tokens back to the platform, thereby taking tokens back out of circulation.

Premium Features

The Weave Premium subscription will provide access for users to our exclusive analytics dashboard and more. This is paid for with $WEAVE.

Subscription Fees

Pro users can choose to set their own subscription fee for users that follow their strategies and join their private messaging board.

Pro's can also share their strategies for free if they wish, or set a one-time access fee rather than a monthly subscription.

Any fees set will be paid in $WEAVE tokens by passive users. If a Pro user chooses to change this fee, there is a 30-day window before the subscription fee change is pushed to all Weave Passive users.

Referral Program

Earnings from the referral program will be collected in various cryptocurrencies and converted to $WEAVE before being distributed to users.

Reward Boosts

If a Weave Pro user chooses to do so, they can incentivise users to follow one of their strategies by purchasing some $WEAVE tokens from the market and re-distribute these via the Weave strategy smart contract to the Weave Passive users following their strategy.

This provides a reward boost to Passive users and therefore makes the Pro strategy more appealing.

Continuous Reward Boosts

Pro users will also have the ability to pay part of their monthly subscriptions fees back to Passive users to boost APR on a chosen strategy.

Visibility Boost

If a Pro user is keen to gain more traction (followers and/or TVL) on their strategy shared with Weave Passive users, they can choose to pay in $WEAVE tokens to push the strategy towards the top of the default view of the strategy search page.

Strategy NFT Sales (Coming Soon)

The $WEAVE token will be the primary settlement token for all fractional NFT transactions.

Weave Tailored Solutions

Our SaaS solution will be available for other Web3 companies and projects for a $WEAVE license fee.


Engagement is critical to a vibrant social network, and rewards for engagement are one of Weave’s key go-to-market strategies.

With this model, community members are offered incentives and rewards for actively participating in goals and tasks that will help the ecosystem grow.

One of the primary benefits of our Engage-to-earn model is that it creates a mutually beneficial relationship between our dApp and our users. Users will be rewarded in the $WEAVE token for their engagement, which can include activities such as beta testing, being active in the community, helping social engagement, platform usage, contributing content and more.

This is a very different approach than simply earning a token passively and emitting tokens indiscriminately.

Engage-to-earn aims to be highly sustainable whilst also directly helping us to achieve network effects that will benefit the entire ecosystem.

Engage-to-earn rewards will be broken down into two stages:

  • Stage 1 = Engagement, User Growth, XP & Token Rewards

  • Stage 2 = Gamification, battle pass

At launch our engage-to-earn model will be what we call Stage 1, which includes all of the requirements for user experience, engagement, user growth, XP and rewards.

We have plans for Stage 2 for our model, which will include more options for gamification, new UI and better user experience + a game like battle pass!

See our E2E litepaper for more details about this program.

Referral Program

Our exciting referral program is aimed at rewarding ALL users for bringing in new users to the platform. We pay referral commissions for the entire lifetime of a referred user, with no maximum cap on earnings!

There are several ways to earn, PLUS it operates on 2 levels, meaning you can earn not just people YOU refer, but also the people THEY bring in too!

How To Earn Rewards

To earn from the referral program, simply share your unique referral link with friends and communities. When someone connects a wallet after using your referral link, that wallet will be connected to you and earnings paid out according to all of their activity.

Ways to Earn

Once a user has been referred, there are several ways that the referrer can earn.

1) Earn 10% percentage of performance fees

2) Earn a percentage of subscription fees – Tier 1 referrals = 7% of subscription fees Tier 2 referrals = 3%

Platform Fees

There are no upfront fees to try our toolkit! Our revenue model is based on a performance fee, where we take a small percentage of yield earned in strategies. If you don’t earn yield then there is no performance fee to pay!

Performance fees are set at 10%. Remember, this only applies to yield earned, the principal invested is not impacted.

Every time you utilise the lightning fast Weave Swap infrastructure within our platform (whether within a strategy or otherwise in the future), there is a 0.3% swap fee.

Weave strategy bridging fees are held at 0.1% of the total amount being bridged.

Pro Subscription Fee

A Pro user can set their own fees for following their strategies but it will always be charged in $WEAVE tokens. The platform will take 15% of whatever fee they set by the Pro user. Of this, most of it (66.66%) will go into the referral program, meaning Pro’s will earn back a good portion of this fee if they referred the users who copy and subscribe to them.

Premium Subscription

Upon release, the Weave Premium subscription will unlock access to many features, including a comprehensive analytics dashboard summarising all of your strategies. The forecasted cost for this feature is $20 USD worth of $WEAVE per month.

Strategy Unlock Subscription

Pro subscription fees are set by the Weave Pro user. Pro’s may choose to share strategies for free, or charge either a one-time or recurring fee for users to copy them.

Reward Boosts

This is an optional feature that allows Pro users to boost rewards with $WEAVE tokens, making their strategies more appealing. Other protocols may want to do this in order to bootstrap liquidity or drive demand for the token.

Visibility Boost

This feature will allow Pro users to boost the visibility of their strategy with a prominent listing on the shared strategies page of the dapp. The fee for this feature will be set by the Weave platform once the feature goes live.


Weave is on a mission to make decentralised finance accessible and profitable for everyone, regardless of their experience level. With its user-friendly interface, customizable investment strategies, and high-efficiency features, Weave is a one-stop-shop for all things DeFi.

But we're not stopping there!

Our roadmap includes the integration of real-world assets and a SaaS solution that extends our reach into other platforms.

This isn't just a toolkit, it's a rapidly expanding ecosystem with the potential to redefine how we invest and manage assets in the digital age.

Join us on this exciting journey and be part of the future of finance. The possibilities are endless, and the potential for growth is enormous.

Here’s how to get started:


Join our community on Discord and Twitter

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